What we do

Investment services that match your needs

Whatever your risk profile, or the amount of time you have to invest for your future, at Lang and Barrett International, we can help you develop an investment strategy to address your needs and help you to meet your objectives.

At Lang and Barrett International, we offer different levels of control that match your experience and willingness to spend time self-managing. As a result, we have the right service for you whether you want to pass the responsibility to a specialist investment professional or prefer to keep hands-on with your portfolio.

With our discretionary portfolios, strategies that align with your investment objectives and goals while remaining within your risk tolerances are implemented in a closely controlled investment process. With our advisory portfolios, you can access our specialists and their advice but will ultimately make your own investment decisions.

Our Investment Solutions

Discretionary Portfolios

Time is your most precious commodity, which is why you entrust investment management and decision-making to experienced professionals. You need a trusted and reliable partner who will look after your investment portfolio and grow and protect your wealth, focusing on your goals and those of the next generations — someone who will be your trusted partner for the long run.

At Lang and Barrett International, our discretionary portfolio management expertise and the most sophisticated asset management tools ensure you can relax knowing your wealth is professionally managed. You can then spend more time with the people, and doing the things, that matter most.

You can entrust the management of your wealth to our sophisticated discretionary portfolio service, where each portfolio is individually tailored to your investment objectives and appetite for risk. With discretionary portfolios, you not only have more free time but also know your investments are being properly managed and monitored round the clock.

Advisory Portfolios

Our investment professionals will always be on hand to provide recommendations that suit your investment profile and are appropriate for you.

Market trends can be challenging to predict, particularly in times of increased volatility. However, utilizing the professional advice offered by the Lang and Barrett International advisory service for the management and diversification of your portfolio can help you steer safely through troubled waters and make the right decisions.

Subject to your circumstances and needs, you can access our investment specialists to create a unique, personalized solution. In addition, our specialists regularly suggest new investment opportunities and provide thoughts and ideas on ways to better execute your investment strategy.

You can make decisions based on accurate and suitable information using an ongoing monitoring and selection process. We carefully examine your risk profile and investment objectives to help you mitigate risk and take advantage of opportunities that suit your chosen investment profile.

Alternative investments

Alternative investment opportunities worldwide can add extra value to your portfolio. Their performance tends to rely less on general market trends because of their often-low correlation to stock and bond markets and more on the quality of each investment. So, augmenting your portfolio with alternatives can potentially decrease the overall risk profile and be an excellent way to diversify.

Alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular with more prominent private and institutional investors and are often considered an asset class in their own right.

Our strong research capabilities provide worldwide knowledge of the alternative investment environment.