A company built around you

Passionate about our craft

We passionately apply our craft by delivering expert advice, managing assets, and developing solutions that facilitate successful outcomes in highly challenging times. We consistently strive on a daily basis to earn your trust through our unwavering dedication

Lang and Barrett International is a leading international wealth and investment management firm with global reach, helping shape one of Asia's most dynamic markets. We have created a innovative wealth management experience and an investment model centered around you and the independent advice and personalized service we offer.

Empowering our employees

We believe that at the heart of any successful client relationship is the sophistication and effectiveness of a leading international specialist who fully leverages all employees' knowledge, experience, and understanding. As a result, our employees have the tools and know-how to deliver quality service and objective advice by formulating individual solutions.

While advanced technology provides a significant advantage, our employees' personal touch and collective experience make the real difference.

We measure our success by how well we meet your needs and expectations.

Code of Ethics

Our mission is to be a leading investment and wealth management solutions provider renowned for our client-centric approach.


Putting into writing the core principles and practices that determine how we behave and conduct business.


We always act with integrity to create and support a corporate culture that cultivates trust and reliability as a partner.


Our code is based on answerability, accountability, and always putting our clients' best interests first.


The highest ethical business standards must be maintained to add value and develop long-term client relationships.


We embrace a partnership-oriented approach that develops our reputation through actions that add value to our clients.