Our behavior helps us protect our reputation

Safeguarding our reputation

A reputation is hard earned and easily tarnished and is created by building trust with colleagues, clients, regulators, and other professionals. Unfortunately, one-off events can seriously damage that trust and negatively affect a reputation, so it is the collective responsibility of every single one of us at Lang and Barrett International to safeguard it.


We comply with all laws, rules, and regulations that apply wherever we live and work and adhere to our company regulations. We strive to maintain fully compliant operations in all our undertakings.

Risk awareness

We encourage a strong culture of taking ownership and being risk aware. Risk awareness underpins our values, beliefs, understanding, and the discussion about the risks connected with achieving our company goals.

We believe the behavioral element is central to robust risk management and is guided by our business's risk tolerance and ethos. Accordingly, we view risk awareness as a significant element of effective risk management, and this is why we include it as one of the ways we set employees' performance awards.

Encouraging ownership

We encourage all employees to take ownership of their responsibilities, challenges, and actions and pursue personal improvement. At Lang and Barrett International, taking ownership is about accepting total responsibility for all we do and the decisions we make while living up to Lang and Barrett International's expectations. In addition, we believe in empowering employees to be confident in our collective mission to protect and grow trust in our business.