Realizing your goals

Protecting the value of your wealth

The Lang and Barrett International team helps you protect the value of your wealth and move closer to realizing your financial goals. Instead of proposing a standardized portfolio, we first prepare an overall plan that provides the context which guides the investments, diversification, and unique strategy for your situation.

We carefully consider your financial goals; discuss your risk profile, liquidity, and time horizon; and account for charitable, legal, and other considerations before agreeing on an asset allocation that is right for you. We have the option to use conventional or alternative investments, depending on your specific circumstances, needs, and acceptance of risk.

Our investment approach incorporates diversification, insight, and perspective, investing across conventional and alternative investment classes according to where the best opportunities lie.

We strive to eliminate life's inconveniences, simplify complexity, and transform goals and dreams into certainty.

Conventional investments

Lang and Barrett International offers a comprehensive range of conventional investment management strategies that support the uniqueness of the portfolios we create to address individual client needs, requirements, and goals. Our strategies help you conserve and grow wealth, combat inflation, and enhance your buying power.

Alternative investments

We explore the full range of available investments, including commodities, private equity, real estate, derivatives, hedge funds, specialty niche opportunities, and strategies that offer access to new and unique opportunities outside conventional markets. We believe our current alternatives are well-positioned against potential volatility and inflation, generating results with less worry during challenging times.

Responsible investments

At Lang and Barrett International, we believe an economically efficient, sustainable global financial system is necessary to create long-term value. Therefore, we are committed to incorporating sustainability elements into our activities and investments to combine economic returns with environmental and social considerations. This approach will pay off in terms of our long-term, responsible investment approach that benefits the environment and broader society. To achieve this goal, we evaluate the impact of sustainability risk considerations on financial investments' return.

Additionally, during our investment decision-making process, we pay special attention to environmental protection, greenhouse gasses, and reducing other harmful pollutants and processes where possible.

Risk management

Risk is an inevitable part of anything that is worth doing, especially investing. While risk can never be entirely avoided, some measures can be taken to help lessen its effects, such as diversification and utilizing a range of different investment types. These measures help protect your assets during volatile times and downturns in individual sectors, as we have experienced in the last few years.