Applying entrepreneurial philosophies

High-net-worth clients

We start with gaining a deep understanding of you as a person and the objectives, aims, and passions that drive you. Then, your life, family, and business interests all become part of the story that helps us make recommendations that are specific to you.

The Lang and Barrett International approach is as unique and individual as you are and draws on quality services complemented by our investment management division's expertise and experience. Our approach is delivered by professionals, including specialists of the highest capabilities empowered to act with your best interests in mind. We strive to eliminate life's inconveniences, simplify complexity, and transform goals and dreams into certainty.

Families and family offices

The desire to grow assets to protect loved ones and benefit future generations is universal. At Lang and Barrett International, we offer a comprehensive range of wealth and investment management services to affluent families and those who want to protect their assets against unfair claims or from family issues, including divorce or remarriage, and ensure assets are professionally and objectively managed in order to achieve success over the longer term.

We assist families with ensuring continuity and offer a close relationship with a skilled team that enthusiastically develops solutions that help create prosperous futures for your family and the generations that follow.

Intermediaries and Institutions

We help professionals with clients needing comprehensive wealth management services and those seeking a trusted partner to manage specific issues. From appreciating your company's and clients' fears and needs to ascertaining how we can best support you, we always begin with a thorough discovery process to guarantee we are all operating in unison. We then draw on the best services, complemented by our investment division's expertise, experience, solutions, and the range of managed strategies and specialist solutions we provide. This means you can confidently introduce new clients and offer a single point of contact with a professional of the highest standing who works hard at a company committed to delivering exceptional service.