A value-added approach to investing

Searching out the best opportunities

If you're serious about searching out the best opportunities, then our sophisticated investments could be worth considering. We offer a wide range of solutions, from structured products to trading services, all specifically chosen to augment your already customized portfolio.

Structured products

Flexible enough to suit individual objectives, structured products are an element of Lang and Barrett International's value-enhancing proposals. For many people, structured products provide the added advantage of upside potential and downside protection, with returns linked to your core investments – all in an easily accessible package. In addition, if you have more complex needs, structured products can be utilized to take advantage of highly specialized opportunities that involve extensive technical or structuring knowledge.


Our trading services provide you with access to a broader range of securities in different markets, as well as to closed liquidity pools. Our skilled traders offer fast and efficient services across all asset classes and global markets based on our best execution practices.

Islamic investing

Lang and Barrett International is expanding our Sharia-compliant investment services. We offer advisory and discretionary portfolio services, available for several strategies, which incorporate the principles of the Sharia and form a central element of our socially responsible offering.

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