Providing the best possible service

Putting you first

At Lang and Barrett International, our client-centric business model focuses on providing you with the best possible service.

Serving your best interests

Serving the best interests of our clients is at the core of our company philosophy, operations, and thoughts. Therefore, we look for the best solution after establishing your unique situation, needs, and objectives. All of our services and products are tailored to each client, and we do not accept taking the easy route but instead choose the path that best suits our client.

Knowing our clients

To develop long-term client relationships, we must know and appreciate your unique situation by discussing and gathering information to understand your needs, business activities, hopes, and aspirations.

As a financial organization, we must comply with many laws and regulations, including having detailed knowledge about all clients, gaining insight into your financial situation, and understanding your goals and previous investment history to provide you with the best service possible.

Cross-border services

We provide wide-ranging investment and wealth solutions to clients worldwide. As such, we make every effort to uphold our high standards in all cross-border business activities, as detailed in our company rules and regulations.

Complaint handling

However well a business operates, there will inevitably be occasional errors and mistakes. We view these as opportunities to improve and strengthen our systems and processes and try to manage and respond to complaints quickly and professionally.


It is key to our business that all client information is handled securely and carefully protected. No non-public information is ever disclosed unless we have prior consent or are obliged to do so by law, and we take great care when using and storing the personal information provided to us.